Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Brief Update/Prayer Requests

I am finally getting a chance to sit down and write a brief update. I am at my sister's house, as usual, so there will be no pictures in this post. Sorry!! A lot has happened since I posted last Monday, but I will try to be quick. I am only having a chance to type this because my mom came and took the "big kids" aka Bekah and Ethan to get Christmas houses while Sarah naps. Sarah took a lot more to get her to go down than usually, so I cleaned up the kitchen, and now I can sit down and type this. :-)
(At home lately, Bobby's been monopolizing the computer writing a paper for one of his classes. Shame on him! :) )


Talking up a storm! (for several months)
Full sentences and everything! Yesterday, Bekah brushed by her and she started whining about it. I asked her what was the matter, and she said, as clear as day, "Bekah hit me." I proceeded to tell her that she didn't hit her but just ran into her by accident.
At least a month ago, out of the blue, Sarah also started saying "scuse (excuse) me" when she was wanting to be somewhere someone was, or wanting to get by someone. I don't know where she got this from. We say it, but Bekah doesn't. Usually the things she picks up on are things that Bekah says.
Just a couple days ago, she started to ask me to do things, and I started replying, "Why?" Her response has been, "cause" and a great big smile. :-) What an amazing girl!! So lucky to have her in our lives. I hope that over the never few years we never let her fall into the "middle-child" syndrome. This is a huge prayer request!


Growing up so fast!!!-
Starting the beginning stages of reading. Can spell STOP, DOG, CAT, and a few others. She is also starting to sound out words constantly. She knows all her letter sounds, but sometimes she mixes C and K up. Understandably!
Learning to do cartwheels at tumbling class. Loves to spin around and dance like a ballerina. She even knows some dance vocabulary.
Wants another baby sister, not a baby brother!! She is extremely forceful about this. I don't know what we're going to do if this baby is a boy.


Finishing up his classes this semester and then will have a break until February when he will begin his FINAL 2 CLASSES OF SEMINARY! Yahhhhhh!!!! We are very excited! This has been a long 5 years coming. He is set to graduate May 24, 2009. This is 9 days after my due date, but we are planning on being there!! Bekah came 3.5 weeks early, and Sarah came 2.5 weeks early, so I am aiming for a May 1st delivery. This gives us a whole 3 weeks to get prepared to make a quick trip down to Lexington/Wilmore, for graduation!!

Prayer Requests-
Things that are heavy on my heart right now!
-Bobby's job. He has put in his letter of interest for a full-time job at UPS in Human Resources or a department called IE that has to do with computer "stuff" at UPS. This needs to happen soon so that the rest of the prayer requests can fall into place.
-A house. We need one. Preferably close to my sister so that I can watch the boys in the mornings, at my house, and watch Ethan after AM kindergarten. The problem is that we don't know what Bobby will hopefully be making, so we can't get pre-approved for a mortgage or anything until the job thing happens. We wouldn't qualify for anything livable on Bobby's current salary. That's why we live with my parents while he's finishing.
-This baby/pregnancy. (He/she is moving up a storm right now while I'm typing this) I am starting to be more "excited" about this baby, but things seems to happen every day that cause me to think I won't be able to handle it if another baby is thrown into the mix. Please pray for my peace and strength. I had a touch of postpartum depression with Sarah because she was a horrible nurser and day-time sleeper (was only sleeping about 15 minutes at a time during the day unless she was being held), and I am terrified that this baby will be the same way. (I am also starting to not fit into my regular pants! A lot later than with Sarah.)

Anyways, I hope this helps catch everyone up on what's been going on around here. It's hard for me to update even weekly when I am not at my own home base during the day and my hubby is needing the computer for grad school stuff. I will try to get some pictures on by this weekend!!

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Carmine said...

Hi Paula, Thanks for the lengthy update! It's great to hear your kids are learning to talk and communicate- that's so cute! I'm sure it's frustrating not having a house and not knowing what the future holds with your husband's job, but I know confidently that it WILL work out. You are all healthy, and that's something that a lot of families don't have on their side! Things, assets, stuff, and money don't mean anything if you don't have your health!

Anyway, we're thinking of you, all the way out here in this big city. You're a fantastic mom and wife- remember that!