Monday, December 08, 2008

Meditative Monday #5

The things I've been thinking about and thankful for this past week......

-The ability to still wear most of my regular pants at 17.5 weeks pregnant. I could never do this with Sarah.
-A hubby that puts the girls to bed every night.
-A sister and brother-in-law that pay me to be able to watch my kiddos along with theirs so we can save for a down payment on a house in the NEAR future.
-The ability to swim to continue to exercise throughout this pregnancy in hopes of not having gestational diabetes with this baby.
-Being over the early pregnancy sickness and never really experiencing the overwhelming tiredness of early pregnancy.
-Beautiful daughters who teach me new things every day.

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Michelle M. said...

You have a lot of wonderful things to be thankful for! I need to do this on my blog some time :)