Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sarah, 15 months

Sarah went to the doctor today for her 15 month check up. She had her last shot until she's 4. Yeah!!

Stats- 22 pounds, only gained 4 ounces since her 12 month appointment.
31 inches, grew 2 whole inches. We can tell she grew this much because she has thinned out in her face and looks soooo tall.
I don't know how she compares to Bekah cause Bekah didn't have a 15 month appointment. I don't know why. She had the same doctor then as Sarah does now. At 18 months, Bekah was 32 inches and 23.5 pounds.

In the below pictures, Sarah has started doing something that Bekah didn't do for a while. Taking things out of the "pantry" area and carrying them somewhere else where she stacks them. Sometimes she puts them back in the cabinet.

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Carmine said...

That sure is an unusual hobby! She's so cute! Maybe you can teach her to load the dishwasher for you :)