Thursday, July 17, 2008

Broken Leg Girl

Here is a picture of Bekah fitted with her huge purple cast. Most info to come soon. Packing in progress.


Anonymous said...

Hi Paula and family, How did Bekah break her leg? I'm praying for a great and speedy recovery! Poor thing in the middle of summer too!!! Hope you were able to do something fun for your birthday!

See you at the reunion, hope to talk to you soon!
-Erin (Thomas) Schaefer

Deven said...

At least it's a nice color.

Gene and Annie said...

Awww.... poor Bekah!!

Shoemaker Family said...

Oh my word...anxious to hear the story! (Oh, you're anxious to hear a story too!) :) Seriously, praying for Bekah and you guys too. How stinky!

Professor said...

Poor Bekah! Too bad she broke her leg in the middle of the summer and right before your move. I can't wait to hear the story.

I read your blogs often but I'm unable to post comments when I'm in Korea. :(

Grace and Peace,
Amanda Highsmith