Thursday, July 24, 2008

Leg Info

Well, our laptop is not hooked up yet, (my parents have cable internet and we have a wireless router, but haven't hooked it up yet) so I can't share any more pictures, but I will try to tell you what happened.

Wednesday night, July 16th, we were in the back yard after my mom arrived to help with packing things and celebrate my b-day. We were watching Sarah go down the slide and Bekah was carrying around an automatic bubble blower. She was running around trying to catch them.

All of a sudden, I heard Bekah yelling. She was laying on the ground grabbing her leg. At first, I thought she had stepped on a bee because she was barefoot. Then when we didn't see anything, I thought she twisted her knee or ankle, but she was complaining of pain on the front of her shin.

She slept with me while Bobby slept on the floor that night and slept well, but in the morning, she still didn't want to have anyone touch her. (keep in mind, this is now my b-day) Bobby called the doctor and we took her in for exrays.

We were wrong. She had broken it. She has a non-displaced fracture below her knee on her left leg. We think she stepped in one of the many wholes in our neighbor's part of the yard, turned, and it broke. The doctor compared it to when you twist a tree branch to break it off. It was a clean break that didn't need to be set.

We went home with an appointment at 4:30 pm to see the orthopedist and get the cast on. We set her up on the couch and kept packing. Around 1:30 pm we headed to Red Lobster for my birthday lunch. Yummm!! Crab legs!!! We then headed to the orthopedist for the appointment. He was a great doctor (Dr. Hester) who happens to have twin girls that are about a month younger than Bekah, so he did a great job relating to her. While Bekah was getting her cast on, she was a pro. She didn't complain at all, and the "cast lady" said that she did better than some adults. Because of this, she gave her a lot of stickers. (the big ones that they give out at the doctor's offices) I think she gave her 20 of them!!

The doctor said 2 weeks, so she now has an appointment on Wednesday the 30th to get it off up here in Ohio. It has been a bit inconvenient because she can't walk at all, so she has to be carried, but I am glad we only have 6.5 more days!!

Well, gotta go get lunch before we head over to play with the cousins. Hope that this helps fill in some "holes" in the broken leg story.


Gene and Annie said...

It's crazy how things can happen so easily! Dax did the same thing to his shin but it was lower near the ankle! It's a good thing that kid's bones heal so easily! I bet you can't wait to get it off! Hope you had a good weekend!!

Carmine said...

I can't believe she only needs it on for 2 weeks! Wow! I remember when I broke my arm in 5th grade and had to have a huge cast (plain old WHITE, mind you!) with that metal bar that keeps your arm elevated built into the cast for 8 WEEKS!! That was my WHOLE summer... sucked!