Monday, July 14, 2008

Ode to Choir

This is something I was "forced" to write in 30 minutes at a professional development day a couple weeks before the end of school. The first half of the day was beneficial, while the second half of the day was specifically about things for next year. Since I am not going to be there next year, I did not participate.

Ode to Choir

Oh Choir!
How I long to just sing!
Why do I have to learn about all the details?
My teacher says that the details are the essence of what music is, and they help us reach the world.
Music is powerful; it communicates; it changes lives.
It shines a light in the darkness.
Everywhere you go, everywhere you loook and listen, there is music.
Oh music!

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Carmine said...

Just had to say, that pic of the girls on top of your blog is A-MA-ZING! They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations on your family, Paula!