Sunday, February 17, 2008

Things I am going to "Miss" over the Next Month and a Half

Sarah will be turning 1 in less than 1 1/2 months. With this comes the removal/stopping of certain things. It is bittersweet that she is growing up so fast, but it also so wonderful that I will never have to deal with these things again. (mostly the money involved with them)
1) Formula, no more buying formula!! We are on to Vitamin D milk until she is 2.
2) Dreft, no more buying special detergent!! I used to just wash Sarah's clothes in the Dreft, but now, so I don't have sort, I wash all of Sarah and Bekah's clothes in Dreft. After March 24, I will be able to use the same detergent for everyone.
3) Fewer bottles. When Bekah turned one, we basically cut her "cold turkey" from the bottles. I don't think it will be like this with Sarah, but there will be fewer.
4) Baby food. I will be buying less and less baby food as Sarah hits one. Today, Daddy gave Sarah one of Bekah's chicken nuggets and she did a great job gnawing on it.
5) More food similar to Bekah. Until now, when Bekah was eating something, Sarah was always very interested in what Bekah had. The only problem was that it was usually something that Sarah can't have.

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