Sunday, February 24, 2008

Catch Up

Lots of things have been going on for the last few weeks that I haven't blogged about:

1) In the last 2 weeks, we've had 3 snow/ice days, a day where we were dismissed at 12:30 due to the ice, and a day off for President's Day.
This picture is from this past Thursday when we went home early. The ice was actually pretty bad, worse than what it looks.
When I scraped my car off to head home, by the time I got in the car, the windshield was iced over again.

This picture is from February 12th. It was icy, snowy, and very cold.
This last one is from February 13th. The snow covered over the ice.

The area we live in has lots of curvy roads, so when things like this happen, the people out in the middle of nowhere can't get anyway. Because of this, my school doesn't delay. We just close. So, now we are going to June 5th. And we started August 15th with kids. !!!

2) Bekah has been really into building things and playing tea party

She used these yellow things, not sure what they are, to build something, and then was trying to hang in from the pull chain on her fan/light, so I helped her put it up.

They she also has been using the little quilt that my friend Denise made her to have a tea party. She puts a bunch of little things, including play food on it and pretends she's having a tea party.

Part 2 to come later.......

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