Wednesday, July 26, 2006

New favorite food

Over the last year, or so, since Bekah has been eating solid foods, she has had many favorites.
From chicken nuggets, to meatballs (turkey and beef), apples, grapes, bananas (or as she calls them, bunny), cookies, fruit snacks, cheese sticks, ravioli with no sauce, etc.
Right now, we're currently in the "Roni" stage. She loves macaroni!!! She will go to the cabinet where I keep it, point up, and say loudly, "roni, roni, roni, roni," until you open the cabinet and make it for her. Even when she was throwing up with the virus she had, she still asked for "roni."
Oh course, many of the earlier favoirtes are still regulars, but currently, we love roni.

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Beth said...

Hey, at least that's pretty easy to make! :) Zachary currently loves Cheerios, he will eat anything as long as you put a Cheerio on top of the other food. Kids are so goofy!