Monday, October 13, 2008

Meditative Mondays

I am "stealing" and tweaking a idea from a girl that we went to college with at IWU and I sang in Chorale with her 1 year. Amy does a post on Thursdays called Thankful Thursdays.

I am going to do Meditative Mondays where I think about and pray about all the things happening in our life right now. Things are crazy and I need to think about the good things that are happening despite the stressful things.

-The ability to stay home with my beautiful girls this year and also spend more time with my nephews.
-Parents that open up their home for us to live in basically free (except for food) just so I can stay home with my girls.
-A husband that puts the girls to bed every night (except when he has a meeting every once-in-a-while) I did it for 3 years and needed a break!
-A sister and brother-in-law that are willing to pay me to watch their boys and teach preschool to their youngest so that we can save for a house.
-Amazing friends that buy me and let me borrow maternity clothes
-Amazing friends that understand me and pray for me

Addition- generally healthy children, neither have ever had an ear infection or strep throat. (Bekah has now had 2 broken bones in 3 months, but other than that, reasonably healthy :) )

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