Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cast Free & the Pumpkin Patch

Bekah got her cast off yesterday and it has been glorious!! She goes to the bathroom completely by herself!! She has reverted to wanting a treat because she did it "all by myself." Pray that we don't have another cast any time soon! Here she is painting. She is left handed, so it is hard to see, but there is no cast on her right arm.

Leading her sister towards the pumpkins.

On the wagon ride to the pumpkins.

Sarah with a funny face. She kept trying to run towards the camera when he was taking the pictures.


Kristen Kolb said...

Looks like a fun family outing! I am so jealous because we don't have pumpkin patches here! Jackson will have to wait until next year to pick a pumpkin!

Carmine said...

Cute pictures- bet she's glad to be rid of that heavy cast! Was her arm all shriveled up and skinny? LOL