Friday, March 04, 2011

What Rebekah does when one of her pencils break........

Rebekah looking through her Valentine box from school.

At the beginning of the school year, I bought a huge pack of pencils. I sent the required 10 to school with Rebekah and kept the rest at home to refill at a later date. A couple months in, she told me she was down to 2 pencils, so I sent the other 30 or so in for her, thinking that it would last her the rest of the year.

About a month ago, I got another notice from the teacher telling me that she was almost out of pencils. I was flabbergasted!! Me, "Rebekah, how can you be out of pencils?" Her, "They break!" Me, "So you sharpen them!" Her, "No, I throw them away."

She throws them away!! When they break, she throws them away!! I talked to her about how she needs to take the time to sharpen them and not throw them away, and bought her 12 more. I got another notice yesterday. She needs more pencils!

Come on, how many pencils are we going to use this year??!??

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