Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our NEARLY 23 month old

Leah has this new obsession with pretending to change her baby dolls diapers after I change her diaper. She uses the changing pad (since we don't have a changing table) and always asks for a wipe.
After I just changed her, she wanted to do this, and was in the middle of trying to re-unfold the changing pad when I tried to give her a wipe. (she MUST have a real wipe to change an unreal diaper)

I said, "Here." She said, "Minute, minute." She picks up so much!! Then, 5 seconds later, she is running to her room (after finding a baby) saying, "Minute, minute" and then asks me to get a diaper for her.

As I finish typing this, she is calling help from the playroom for me to come help her change the diaper.

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