Tuesday, June 23, 2009

30 years old!!

Bobby opening his card from his parents.
Bobby holding his first niece, Emma.

His "cake" (apple pie on Sunday with my family)

Holding Sarah.

On June 20th, Bobby turned 30!! It's hard to believe, because he doesn't look a day over 22, but he is officially old!! Just kidding hubby!!

This year he had 3 birthday celebrations. The first was on Saturday around lunch time. Bobby's parents, along with his sister and nearly 8 week old daughter came over and we met at a park for lunch and to play with the kiddos. We got KFC's new grilled chicken and had a cookie cake. It was hot, but we sat under a nice shelter, and later, while the kiddos played, we found a nice tree to sit under.

On Saturday evening, we had a birthday/anniversary dinner with my parents. Bobby's birthday and my parents' anniversary are the same day. We had steak, vegetable packets, and a key lime pie. Yummm!!!

On Sunday afternoon, right after church, we had lunch with my sister and her family along with my parents. We got gourmet hot dogs from a place called The Dog Joint and an apple pie. The kiddos were treated to homemade ice cream sandwiches that I made the night before because they don't like apple pie.

All-in-all, it was a very nice weekend, busy, but nice!!


Deven said...

Happy birthday, Bobby! Hope to somehow see you all soon.

The Bowlin's said...

happy birthday and good to "see" you. just found your blog through the swan's. check us out and maybe we can keep in better contact. congrats on the new baby, hope all is going well adjusting to her new little life!!!