Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Our friend Amy, mine first because she was a new teacher at my "old" school two years ago, came to visit for 24 hours. She, her hubby, and their almost 9-month-old daughter live in a suburb of Minneapolis, MN. A very long drive!! We drove it last October from Kentucky. 18 hours!!

Amy is originally from Pittsburgh, and she and baby Grace flew in last week for a wedding and to spend time with her family that she only sees a few times a year. Amy drove in yesterday to spend some time with Bobby and I and the girls. It was so great to see them!! The last time we saw Amy, she was almost 7 months pregnant with Grace, and now Grace is crawling, and pulling up on things, etc.

To me, Amy is what my friend Deven would call a "kindred spirit." (from Anne of Green Gables, in case you didn't know.) We were only in the same state for a year, and have now seen her twice since she and her family moved to Minnesota a year ago this past July, but she is such an amazing friend. She and her husband are such amazing, Godly people, and we are blessed to call them friends. Only 6 months after meeting them, while I was 5 months pregnant with Sarah, Bobby and I drove up to Pittsburgh for their wedding. I am so glad that we did! It was an amazing experience!

I selfishly hope that they move closer so that we can spend more time with them!! Love you Amy! Thanks for coming and spending time with us, even though it was sooo short!!

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