Saturday, September 06, 2008

Bekah.....need some advice

For about a year now, I have been buying the gummy bear vitamins for Bekah. One day last week, Bekah really wanted to have more than the 2 vitamins she can have per day. To convince her that she shouldn't have more than 2, my mom and I told her that her belly would get sick if she ate too many vitamins. Since then, she won't eat any!! She says her belly's going to hurt, if she eats any. Help??!!!?? Any suggestions? We've tried to hide them in a pack of fruit snacks or pretend they're gummy bears, but she's not believing us.


Michelle McCallum said...

You could try buying her a completely different type of children's vitamin and say that those won't hurt her tummy. Maybe she would be willing to try something different if she wasn't afraid that it would make her sick.

Seth said...

I was actually going to make the same comment about buying a new kind. Or, you could use candy as an example. That you love m&m's but when you eat a huge bag you feel like your tummy is too full. But you really love eating a few. Of, I would just give her a week where you say "You don't have to have one, when your tummy feels good let me know and you can have one, because I know you like them". I work with kids doing speech therapy and I notice that whenever they have a choice and don't feel pressured that they do better!