Saturday, August 09, 2008

Images from Bekah's camera

Bekah took these 2 pictures of her sister as we sat on the swing the other when we came back from a walk. On the walk, she took over 200 pictures with her camera. :) So cute!

I took the next three pictures with Bekah's camera. Sarah wanted to sit behind Bekah and then she was leaning forward give her sister hugs. :) So adorable. So glad I'm staying home to see them love on each other.


Amanda said...

Those are really precious!

iwuqueen said...

So cute. Staying at home with your kids is the best!


Gene and Annie said...

I usually don't gain much the last few weeks either and sometimes I even lose a pound or two, but I just haven't gained hardly any with this pregnancy! So far, I have gained 14 pounds total which is the least amount of all pregnancies! Grace I gained 22 pounds, Dax 16 pounds, and Hayden 24 pounds! I always have healthy big babies though, so they never worry! Maybe I should try the air mattress because if it works that would be great!! I need some good sleep!!