Monday, August 04, 2008

Bekah's new cast (that she got last week)

Bekah's new cast doesn't have nearly as many signatures as the last one. In fact, I think it only has smiley faces on it.

The doctor here in Ohio said that the doctor in Kentucky may have mislead us a bit. He said that if an adult had this type of break, it would be a 16 week healing process.

Cast now scheduled to be taken off August 27th, 4 pm. Dylan's first day of school.

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Carmine said...

Whoa, 16 weeks? Ok, now it makes sense that I used to have to wear my casts for 8-12 weeks when I was a kid. (Yeah, I said castS, plural! I went through this phase where I almost always had a cast on somewhere on my body for like 2 years!) Doctors tested me for osteoporosis and frail bone diseases- turns out I was just a clutz! :)