Monday, October 08, 2007

Catch up soon

I have sooo many pictures to share from last weekend and this past weekend, but no time. Hopefully I will have it done before this coming weekend.
We had a great time at homecoming this weekend at IWU. We spent time with a lot of friends and aught up. It was great!! Pictures soon to come. (Mowats and Luidhardts, we drove by you and tried to get your attention, but Gene looked confused at us and Annie, you were on your phone!! Hope you had a good time!!)

FYI-Tomorrow is Bekah's 3rd b-day!! Wow, they grow up fast!!


Gene and Annie said...

Looking forward to seeing the pictures! Sorry, we didn't see you.... I was on the phone alot because of my friend's husband's accident. I wish we could have stayed longer then maybe we could have seen you guys!! Maybe next year!! Glad you had a good time though!!

Stephen and Michelle said...

Oops :) I can be pretty oblivious at times!! :)