Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bekah falling asleep

Two times in the last couple weeks, Bekah has fallen asleep on the floor. The first time, she was all ready for bed and was playing a computer game before going to bed. I looked back an saw her lay down her head on the bench and then lift up her head and play more. About five minutes later I looked back at her and she was asleep on the floor under the kitchen table.

The second time, she came in to the living where I was relaxing. I asked her if she wanted to sit with me for a while or just go and read books. She said no. Laid down on the floor and fell asleep within 2 minutes.

Tonight, no pics, she finished playing her game on the computer and said she was ready to go night-night. Sarah was in bed already, so we went in my room. We were halfway through the book when she fell asleep.

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Michelle McCallum said...

How funny! ;)