Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Tree is Finally Up

Yesterday we finally went and got our tree. It was a lot of fun. Bekah was running through the rows of trees, saying, Whoa, whoa, and stopping and hugging all the little trees. We brought it home, put on the lights and then gave up on the decorating. After Bekah finally went to bed at 11 PM, Bobby and I folded and stuffed most of our Christmas cards till almost 1 am. (We still got up and made it to Sunday school by 9 am)

Today I put the ribbon on and most of the ornaments. Bobby helped a bit after he got up from his nap. Does anyone else find it weird that he's taking a nap while the 5 months pregnant woman decorates the Christmas tree?

Pictures from the fun below.

All bundled up in my new hat from Old Navy.

Wandering amongst the trees.

Pre-lights and still a bit crooked.

Lights only.

All finished!!

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Gene and Annie said...

Your tree looks pretty and your family shot is cute too!! I think all two year olds are active. She may slow down a bit? Who knows? Have a good week!