Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Time Has Come

Christmas concert tonight. Last year, my Christmas concert got cancelled because we went home from school early because of some slush on the roads. I'm exhausted. My 8th graders had to take the risers down to the cafeteria today for the concert because the janitors at my school are lazy, so things were just crazy this afternoon. I am so thankful that tomorrow afternoon during normal chorus class time I will be working with our media specialist on curriculum ideas for my music theory classes. Better go. Have to decide which outfit I'm going to wear and get Bekah some dinner before my friend Jean comes over to watch her during the concert.
Say a prayer for strength if you read this before 7 pm, December 12th.
(Only 5 school days after tonight!!)


Michelle McCallum said...

Hope everything went well! You're almost done :)

Gene and Annie Luidhardt said...

How was the concert? I hope it went well and I bet you are relieved that it is done!! Are you going to Ohio for Christmas? We are heading there on Christmas eve this year and will be there the 24th and 25th. In response to your comment, yes, I am 28 weeks, so your glucose test will be coming soon! They actually had a new flavor this time... fruit punch so the taste was not bad, I just usually dislike the major headache I get and the whole fasting thing!! I also feel sick afterwards!! I hope you are feeling well!! Have a good week!

Deven said...

How'd your concert go? Ours was nicely shorter than usual because some of my classes have been combined. Nice break.