Sunday, November 26, 2006

4 Days, 3 States

Thursday- Drove to Indiana, ate with Bobby's parents and sister, Faithe's husband, Nathan arrived in the evening

Friday- hung out, ate, ate some more (still in Indiana)

Saturday- got up, drove to Columbus, OH to help my sister and fam move to the house the just bought( I babysat the 3 kids), spent the evening with my parents

Sunday- got up, went to church, back to my parents' for lunch, packed up, back to my sis's to help more, headed back to Kentucky around 4:30 pm.

Finally home around 8:30 pm. Watching Colts game, trying to catch up.

A few pics from the weekend.

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Amanda said...

Gotta love the last pic of Bekah "helping" to assemble something, LOL. Very cute. Sounds like you guys were super busy! We went to Chicago and spent Thanksgiving with Michael's family. It was good times :)