Sunday, September 10, 2006

4 weeks down, 26 to go... For Me!!

The last 4 weeks have been eventful, tiring, long, but rewarding. I have my first concert in about a month, and I am already proud of my students. They are doing a great job!! Even my theory classes are going well. I am actually enjoying teaching these students that are required to take music theory every year.
Bobby's class has started well. If you think about us, keep our finances in your prayers. We couldn't get a loan this semester because Bobby's only taking one class, and UPS reimburses, so we're having to pay out of pocket for this class, and then when he gets reimbursed, we will have it to pay for his January class. I know we can do it; we just have to be extra careful this semester to make the payment plan.
Bekah turns 2 next month. It's so exciting!! I have included a few pictures from this past week. When I get a chance, I will post some stuff from an Apple Festival we went to yesterday.

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