Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm Back!!!

After a very long break, I am back at blogging. I have decided to use this blog to share funny stories about my kiddos and a few pictures.

Today, Sarah walked into the kitchen while I was making lunch (with Leah following close behind.) She was carrying a baby doll.

She somberly asked, "Mommy, when are we going to have real babies?"

"Well, Sarah, we already had one, it's Leah. She just grew up!"

Sarah, "No, when am I GOING TO HAVE BABIES?"

Me, "Well, when you grow up, find a husband, and get married."

She leaned against the refrigerator and looked really nervous. "That's scary!" (with a quiver in her voice)

"Which part?"

"The getting married part!"

"Believe it or not, having babies is almost as scary as getting married!"


Marie said...

Cute story! I love the funny things they say. What a great way to remember them all!

Marie said...

I'm tagging you too on my blog for an award:)

The Life We Love said...

Your girls are beautiful! So glad i found your blog. New follower!