Friday, January 16, 2009

Fun Meme

Courtesy of Deven, I tried this today.

Here's the idea: Google your name + needs and share what you come up with.

Here were my top hits.

Poor Paula needs to put her children first.

Well, currently I always put my children first. Sometimes I don't eat lunch until 1:30 because I'm feeding them, etc. This is really hard for a pregnant woman.

Paula needs serious help now.

Well, my whole family needs help. Bobby needs to get a full-time job in the next month or so so we can focus on getting a house before Leah comes. Anyone want to give us 30K??

Paula needs
a man in her it you??????

I already have a man, a wonderful one, and I don't need another.

Paula needs more butter!

This is in reference to something with Paula Dean. I am craving sweets and salt right now, so I definitely don't need more butter!

Paula needs a reason to smile.

I have reason to smile every day, and their names are Rebekah and Sarah, and also Dylan and Ethan (nephews), but I would love to have the reason to smile that includes a house of my own!

Paula needs
to enter herself in rehab or something.

Don't drink, never have, but I may need rehab to cure my addiction to sugar. :~)

1 comment:

Deven said...

thanks for playing along. :) I don't know if I ever answered your facebook post, but as far as baby things, we have all of the things (swing, bumbo, boppy, sleep positioner) except the bouncy seat. I think. Haven't been near that stuff in a while. I'll double check.