Thursday, November 13, 2008

Is 3 the new 2?

With the HUGE SURPRISE of a third baby on the way, I, Paula, have been thinking about this question a lot,

Is 3 the new 2?

So00000 many of the people we know, are friends with, or are aquainted with are having, just had, or recently had their 3rd child. Not many of the others have said, "2 and we're through."

What do you think? Is American society shifting to a "3 kids in a family" mentality, or is birth control just not working as well as it has in the past? (or are people not being as careful?)

Show me the comments. :)


Deven said...

I'm hoping everyone is switching to "five and we're through" personally. It'll make life for bigger families easier. :)

Danell Phillips said...

I agree with you. I have 2 kids and have really been thinking about a third recently. I always said that 2 and we're done but after time and watching other people have kids makes me want another. I figure I'm young yet and have time to dwell on it. Good luck.


JET said...

I will be able to answer your question someday when Tim and I decide to start having kids:) However, by the time we start I might not have enough time left to have three. I always said that I want 4.

Anonymous said...

I only wanted two kids. I just had a baby 6 months ago. The third one was a surprise. In my case, birth control did not work!!!

Beth said...

We're not saying "3 and we're through" but we definitely had no plans to stop with 2. And, thankfully for us the birth control is working. :) But my restraint on the adoption websites is not. LOL So instead of "surprise I'm pregnant" Phil hears a lot of, "well I was looking and came across this little one...."

Carmine said...

I've always said "all or nothing!"

If we decide to have kids someday, I want at LEAST 3. I came from a family of 5 kids and Dan is the youngest of 7!

I'm not a mom, but I figure, once you're in "mommy mode", is it that big of a change to have another and another? Hey, maybe we can blame it on Jon & Kate plus 8: they make it look so fun to have a big family!

Gene and Annie said...

Since i have four already, you probably know that I was never a have two and quite type of girl!! I am all for BIG families!! I love to hear when a family is growing!! Don't expect to hear we are done for a while!!