Thursday, May 01, 2008

Another Prayer Request

Well, when I asked for prayer for the church internship, I completely forgot about the fact that Bobby needs his transfer to go through with UPS for everything else to fall into place. The transfer won't be a problem because he's transferring because of academic reasons. The prayer request is that they have a position open for him to fill. If there's no position, then there may be a problem. Please pray that everything falls into place. I have already resigned from my job and am so ready to be done. My children deserve a better me than I give them after a long, stressful, tiring day with 190 middle schoolers that just finished standardized testing. He has already showed us the path, we just need the assurance now that everything is going to fall into place. Please pray that everything continues smoothly.

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Gene and Annie said...

I will be praying that a position is open for him! It sounds like you guys have lots of changes of ahead of you these next couple months but they sound like good ones!! Good for you guys!!