Friday, November 09, 2007

What a Week!!

A lot has happened since I last wrote. Bobby had class Friday afternoon and all day Saturday, (but he decided to leave around 2 and come home instead of 5, what a great dad and hubby) we were in the nursery first service on Sunday, then went to second service.
Both of our children have been sleeping really well, even on the Sunday of daylight savings time, but Bekah decided to get up both Sunday night and Monday night, so that led to Mommy have not enough patience at school. (Bobby gets up with Bekah when she wakes up, or puts Sarah's paci back in when she cries, but I still wake up and have trouble getting back to sleep. He doesn't understand that even though I don't get out of bed, unless I have to potty, it still affects my sleep. If it was my job to get out of bed and deal with the girls, he would sleep right through it, never affecting any of his sleep.)
I've been having a lot of discipline issues at school lately, and most of this week, during my minute (not minute but my-newt) plannings most every day I spent writing discipline referrals, walking students to class, and calling and talking to parents. Needless to say, it's been extremely stressful. My desk is currently COVERED because of lack of time to do anything. And to make matters worse, I had 2- 7:20 meetings this week. I also had one blessing/stress. They FINALLY replaced some ceiling tiles in my room that I am pretty sure were growing mold, along with some lights. In the process they knocked A LOT of dust/dirt down on my desks, risers, chairs, piano, stereo cabinet, computer, and my personal desk. So, the ceiling and room look beautiful, but I spent my 30 minute planning on Wednesday cleaning my room/desks instead of getting ready for my 7th graders.
I'm basically pushed to the max and can't do anymore. Maybe that's why I now have a cold??

I am trying to upload a video of Bekah taking the clothes of the dryer. It's long, so it's taking a while. When it finally uploads, it will be below this post. It is sooooo cute!!

Oh yeah, I forgot, Sarah officially sprouted both bottom middle teeth this week. They've been poking through, swelling up, poking through, swelling up, for months. They finally made their move and broke through. Just like Bekah, they came up within days of each other. She was a bit more grumpy than I can remember Bekah being.

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