Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I put my 2.5 year old to bed at 8 pm because she got up at 6:15 am and didn't have a nap all day. It was a chore to get her to stay up till 8 pm. I couldn't read to her very long because Sarah was screaming in my arms. I prayed with her, kissed her, and said good night. Normally when she's exhausted she would fall asleep.
What is she doing tonight? She has been reading and playing in her room. For the last 10 minutes she has been coming down the hall playing with something and peaking around the pantry at me, seeing what I'm doing, and seeing if I'm going to react to her being out of bed.

Such a silly girl. I wish I had her energy.


Carmine said...

Hi, Paula!! Wow! Your family is beautiful! Congratulations on the new baby! It's so great to hear from you again, and re-connect after IWU! I'll keep checking in on your blog to see how you're doing :)

danny, kristi, and ava said...

Hi Paula! So good to hear from you! You and Bobby have a beautiful family! I am happy to hear that you all are doing well! Where in Kentucky do you all live